Unleash your creativity with in store workshops!

Creative Collective, within its creative warehouse space, is hosting regular workshops, featuring a number of creative avenues. Experienced tutors will take you on a creative experience which will leave you amazed at what you are capable of.  Have fun, make new friends and surprise yourself!


Stylise and Sketch Workshop with Claire Rackley

Saturday 10th August 3-5pm

Join us for a therapeutic day of sketching.

This event is an Art and Wellness Event.

In this workshop we will be creating your very own Adult Colouring In page. Join us and soothe your mind from your busy work week. This workshop caters for beginner, intermediate and professional sketchers.

What to bring: YOU and your phone.

What you will take home:

  • Your beautiful Art
  • A black A3 frame
  • A booklet with some handy tips
  • An activity to do at home
  • A happy heart and a rested mind

Information and Bookings via Link:

Stylise & SketchWorkshop