Lumen & Luxe

Lumen & Luxe

The Creative Collective are proud distributors of the beautiful Lumen & Lux products. Including ecosoy candles and melts, ambience room sprays, pillow mist and concrete vessels. These beautiful products are handmade by the Lumen + Luxe team. ➕

Lumen + Luxe bring to you finely fragranced candles, with simple ingredients at an affordable price. Using EcoSoya wax, essential and fragrance oils and wooden wicks. Their scents are handpicked, hand mixed by the team and generated from their travels around the world

The Lumen + Luxe candles are micro-batch, hand poured into glass jars. They also hand make concrete vessels and then pour the fragranced wax into them.
All of Lumen + Luxe candles are made, packaged and shipped from their Brisbane, Australia Studio.

Only soy EcoSoya wax is used at Lumen + Luxe. Soy wax has proven to have the cleanest burn and produces very little to no soot. Paraffin wax, produces soot and and can be harmful to your health. EcoSoya wax does not contain any harmful toxins or carcinogens and is a renewable resource. It contains no GMO material, no paraffin, no additives and is vegan friendly.
Soy wax burns cooler than paraffin and will generally last 30-50% longer. EcoSoya wax is washable and can be removed with basic soap and water if you have any spillage.

Benefits of soy wax include:
-Long lasting burn
– Renewable
– Is Kosher Certified
Is Washable
Cooler burn pool
Allows for a better scent for our customer as it binds well to our fragrances