Dukes & duchesses apparel

Dukes & duchesses apparel
We like to incorporate fun prints and colours with classic styles
We are Beck and Han – sisters-in-law!
Beck, the Lawyer and Hannah the Marketer spent one summer holiday lazing in the sun and drinking tea. Beck had begun to sew for her little boys, and Hannah was a brand new mum wondering how she would tackle the whole corporate world/’being a mum’ thing. After one too many teas, and some newly sewn overalls, Dukes and duchesses apparel was birthed.
Both mums to 2 kids each, our style originates from what we love for our own kids to wear – practical and durable but with an edge that stands out from the ‘same-same’ range in the shops.
Our trans-seasonal styles combine classic and timeless with fun and quirky. We like to incorporate bold prints and colours with classic styles, and are always imagining and planning the next collection to wow our customers!
Each garment is meticulously hand-sewn in Australia and Bali by our dedicated seamstresses. We have loved meeting our manufacturers personally and are delighted that our brand supports ethical and professional trade.